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Title: Looking for like minded people -> Politics, Punk and Blues <-
Post by: Luc Levez on Sunday 01 December 2013 08:15:46
Ok, time to get serious.

First time on this forum, if any forum tbh, so Hi!

I'm looking for some like minded people to get together and make some music happen. I want to write some songs, not shitty love songs but songs about politics. About the lower classes who are always getting screwed by the wealthy men in their sleek black suits. How the world is turning to shit, climate change, civil wars, high energy prices, how we used to be called 'citizens' now we're referred to as 'consumers', consumerism, capitalism and so much more.

My vision is a rough and raw punk/grunge feel with a bluesy vibe running through the songs.

I don't care what your skill level is, I'm just looking for time, dedication and perseverance then hopefully we can make something happen.

That was my vision. Now about me: I'm a 21 Year old guy, been playing guitar for a few years, I'm not the most amazingly skilled guitarist nor singer, but I get by.
I'm inspired by bands such as 'The Libertines' 'Arctic Monkeys" 'White Stripes' 'The Dead Weather" and other punk/blues bands. <- These are probably my greatest influences though.
I'm English but have been and still live in West-Vlaanderen - Oostende for about 10 years. I speak Dutch too but can express myself much easier through English.
No other band members as of yet, still looking for those right people.

If you're interrested, get in touch!

Levez Luc.
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