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''Bamboom!'' is a support group specifically created to promote music from novice producers. If you think that your music is good enough to promote, please send us a message.

If we think it is good enough we promote your music!

We are are totally fed up of all the pages that selectively share music. We want to prevent that young talent need influential friends.

That is why we have decided to make our own music promotion page. We want to give talented and starting producers a chance to bring their own music played.

No nepotism! No payments! No whining!

We have just started and are still very small, but our goal is to be as large as possible. Everyone is welcome, all EDM genres are accepted. Once we have 100 likes, we begin to promote directly!

Are you a novice producer and do you think you're good enough? Then like our page and send us your music. We will listen critically and provide anyone with feedback.

Because after all: Good music is good music!



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Goed bezig!!!


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